Balance for All

Online International Conference FOR EMPLOYERS on the WORK-LIFE BALANCE BALANCE FOR ALL

5 March 2021, 11:00-17:00 (Riga time)

Meeting place:

Conference moderator: Mr AIVIS CERIŅŠ

Working languages: Latvian and English - simultaneous interpretation

The main value of any company are the employees. The employer’s ability to provide decent working conditions largely determines the co-responsibility, loyalty and productivity of workers of the company. The use of the technologies in many companies makes it possible to introduce new forms of work and create a sense of presence even when working outside the usual workplace. At the same time, continuous availability and involvement of employees can also affect the work-life balance. In unpredictable and fast-paced business world, achieving work-life balance is not an easy task. Therefore a continuous dialogue on work organisation issues at the company is crucial. It is important to ensure that employers and employees have a common understanding of mutually acceptable working conditions. A balanced and supportive approach to work organisation not only helps to retain the employees and attract new ones, it also helps involve wider groups of society in the labour market, and is essential for the competitiveness and productivity of companies. At the conference, employers will have the opportunity to learn from international examples of good practice in work-life balance issues, including the benefits of measures promoting work-life balance and what can be done so that increasingly more employers perceive work-life balance as a prerequisite for any successful company.

Conference topics:

  • Inclusive workplace: diversity management and development of an inclusive work environment in the company for different groups of employees
  • Family support: adapting support and work environment for parents and carers
  • Equal opportunities: equal treatment and gender equality in determining remuneration, human resource development, representation on company boards, encouraging male employees to take parental leave, reducing gender stereotypes in the company and society
  • Teleworking and flexibility: support for employees, ensuring well-being, successful and motivating communication during teleworking

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